#1 Goal for 2013: Continue my 4 month trend of not stepping foot/purchasing anything from a Walmart. Go big or go home.

My second semester of university starts tomorrow. I have no feelings on it at this point, although I just received my first syllabus via email, and it requested that I have an entire book read before coming to class on Tuesday. Who the fuck does this lady think she is? It’s my goddamn Christmas break. I’m supposed to still be reading for fun. -_-

J and Llama are on a cruise; have been since Tuesday. The nights alone in the apartment have been a little depressing. At first, I wondered how I had ever thought I could live alone. I almost eat more when they’re gone, out of sheer boredom. Then, I realized that I’d have less of a drinking problem if I lived alone. I hate the thought of being hungover, so I’m more conscious of my intake when just having a night in with a bottle of wine. Anyway, they get back tomorrow. I think this time here has been good for me, though. Just a week to catch up on tv, sleep in, and lay on the couch.

On a separate note, I’ve been back to work, picking up a few shifts this week for extra $. The return has been better than I expected; a handful of tables complimenting me on excellent service, one or two even telling the management. One woman a few nights ago caught me off guard, asking “How long have you been doing this?” I fell out of my smiling waitress facade in a split second, becoming locked up and stuttering awkwardly. “You…you mean working here? What?” And she replied with “Well, yes. You seem to know what you’re doing, and you do it very well.” Luckily they still left me a $25 tip. The truth is, my reaction was to be insulted. I was insulted. It was very similar to the scene from Waiting, where hombre hands Justin Long’s character his business card–except, I guess, the opposite. I’m doing this to pay for my bills, my drinking habit, and my school books. If you want to commend me for my service to your table, by all means, go for it. But to tell me I do my job well? Get the fuck out of here. I’m destined for bigger and better things than bringing you your fucking cheese fries, asshole.