Since starting college, I’ve loved school. I started at KVCC as a Liberal Arts major, and quickly switched it to English after my Eng 110 class with Ol Rivara. Though I often complain about classes/homework or just procrastinate, there is nothing I love more than learning, reading, analyzing and breathing literature (recently extending interest into subjects in relation to women’s studies). After exhausting community college, I moved to Virginia, getting accepted to UMW and finally belonging to an English Department. It hasn’t been as easy to make friends as I had hoped, but I’m (sort-of) working on it, and I’ve learned a lot in my first semester here (There’s something about English majors that’s a bit pretentious, and some just take it to the next level. “I’m writing a book…” No. If you’re actually writing a book, that’s fucking fantastic; however, I thought there was an unwritten rule where you DON’T TALK ABOUT IT OUT LOUD because you sound like a jerk off douchebag. Christ). Being a student is the best occupation that there is. If I could do anything, I would go to school forever. Truly. Once, at KVCC, in my Brit Lit class, there was an 80+ year old man student. Actually taking the course, too, not just auditing. He had multiple bachelor’s degrees, and multiple grandchildren, but he was back just to learn more. That is the most impressive thing that there is, in my opinion. To never, ever grow tired of learning, and to always be craving more information. I fully intend to be going to school until I’m 27, at minimum. And I’m okay with that.